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Hammond X3C organ

Hammond X3C organ

This is the Hammond X3C organ. For me, it’s the best choice to use in my compositions. I like the sound of Hammond organ. It’s well balanced and easy to use. Of course it’s not the B3 organ but it’s smaller and it’s compatible with my home studio using (MIDI).


Hammond website Qrcode

Hammond website



Studiologic Sl-990

Studiologic SL-990 keyboard

This studiologic keyboard is made with fatar keys. It’s very comfortable. Of course, it has not the sensitivity of a grand piano but it’s enough for the use I made in my home studio.


Studiologic website

Studiologic website






Fender Stratocaster US

American Fender Stratocaster

The Legend! I have tried short scale guitars such as Gibson with great sounds but the neck of the Stratocaster is perfect for my style. I love it! Maybe for the sound, I will change pickups in the futur… Singles are too noisy…


Fender website

Fender website



Alvarez acoustic guitar

Alvarez acoustic guitar

This is my folk guitar. It is a instrument with a very good projection and well balanced sound. I use it in a standard folk way but I use it in experimental sound solo too. With a good filter and a good reverb, it’s magic!


Alvarez website

Alvarez website



Yamaha SLG-100N

Yamaha SLG 100N Silent guitar

The simpliest solution to have a classical guitar in my home studio.


Yamaha website

Yamaha website






Steinberg Cubase

Steinberg cubase


Steinberg Wavelab

Steinberg wavelab

I know these software since the begining. So, it is normal if I use it now…. Cubase or Pro Tools…. Pro Tools or Cubase…. Maybe, one day, if I have a lot of money to spend, I will buy Protools. But, today, it’s Cubase 🙂


Steinberg website

Steinberg website






Audioprobe CUE Spartan 110

Audioprobe Spartan Cue 110

I have choosen this soundcard because it has really no noise and because it has a very high input impedance (5 MOhms). The result is the comportement of the guitare in the amp simulator is exactly the same than with real amp especially if I use pedal effects (the cry baby pedal is very sensitive about it). 


Audioprobe website

<Audioprobe website






Native Instruments – Komplete ultimate

Native Instruments Komplete

The big collection! Kontakt of course, is very important to use Native and others soundbanks, but the collection is magic! Very powerfull synth, many interesting effects, Very dynamics percussions. Every day I discover other possibilities for my compositions. 


Native instruments website

Native Instruments website



UVI – Vintage vault

UVI Vintage vault

A very great collection of vintage synth. I bought it because I am a fan of the mellotron and the Fairlight CMI and I have the chance to have many others synth in this package. It gives a cool retro sound to my compositions.


UVI – Spirits of gongs

UVI Spirits of gongs

To give an asian influence in my work, I need gongs. This is what I have in this collection of many kind of gongs from all around the earth. China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, south America and many others. I can creat very special atmosphere.


UVI – Scratch machine

UVI Scratch machine

Scratches are very interesting to use in another way than rap or hip-hop. I have a lot of fun to find how to include scratches in rock or experimental compositions.


UVI website

UVI website



XLN Audio – Addictive drums

XLN audio Addictive drums

A versatile and very powerfull engine to programming drums. the possibilities offered by this soundbank to create personnal sound are very large. I use it with others programming percussions or acoustic percussions.


XLN website

XLN Audio website





All the famous analog synthe from the 70 and 80 are include into this pack


Arturia website

Arturia website



Soundiron – Bamboo bundle

Soundiron Bamboo bundle

To give exotic sounds to my music, I needed bamboo percussions. I found it in this package from Soundiron. I bought it especially for the soundbank Angklung, a very special and typical melodic percussion from indonesia. The effect is wonderful!


Soundiron – Tablas

Soundiron Tablas

<Ahhhh…. Tablas from India. One day, one of my friend bought me real tablas from New Dehli. I tried to play… but I have to admit that it’s too difficult for me 🙂 So, thanks a lot to Soundiron for creating this magical virtual instrument!


Soundiron – Iron Pack

Soundiron Iron pack

To create special atmosphere and strange ponctual touch in my songs, I have many strange sounds banks from Soundiron which are very good about it.


Soundiron website

Soundiron website



Vienna instruments – Vienna choir

Vienna instruments Vienna Choir

As I said before, I am a fan of the sound of the mellotron but I didn’t found it with the option vocal. So I choosed this sound bank which has a very high quality and, now, I have wonderful and powerful choirs!


Vienna Instruments website

Vienna instruments website



Groove monkee – Combo pack

Groove monkee Combo pack

A great collection of MIDI drums loops. When I compose the drums, I do it in three different ways. I programme directly in cubase, I record short loops with my electronic drum and I use drums loops such as Groove Monkee.


Groove monkey website

Groove monkee website



Prosonic studios – Prosonic patterns

Prosonic Patterns

Playing arpeggios is very fun to do but recording arpeggios is very hard and it takes very long time if you want a very good result. I confess, sometimes I like to be lazy…. 🙂 so, I record arpeggios when I play the guitar and for midi instruments (such as gongs) I use prosonic Patterns.


Prosonic website

Prosonic website



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