Here is my official musical work



Revivre cover

The new song in french


Gongs remix 2020

Gongs remix cover

This is the latest remix and remastering version of Gongs


First songs

First songs cover

This is my latest album. It is a compilation of my first songs since the beginning of my new home studio experience.



Destiny cover

For this EP, I used the metaphor of water to illustrate the choices we do during all of our life from the beginning to the end.


The latest tree

The latest tree cover

This is my first album. I thought by myself  about what can happen on the earth if we continue to live like we to now. The songs illustrate seven image of our time.


Dreams from the past remaster

Dreams from the past remaster cover

A composition I did one day when I thought about my past….


Rare bird remix

Rare bird remix cover

About this single, I decided to do the mastering again to increase the result.


Why minimal

Why minimal cover

One day, I was in a park and I saw this bird. I was very surprised with this image of a headless bird with only one wing and one leg. I thought by myself : what can we do alone without any help? Thanks a lot to the Lord Jesus to give me this image.


Wake up and walk

Wake up and walk cover

For this Ep, I started to use professionnals sound banks.


Butter and cream

Butter and cream cover

This is my first composition when I decided to build my own home studio. For this project, I worked with a minimum of material.


The first twin dream E.P.

Hypnos cover

This is my oldies. This E.P. was released in 1993. The band was called HYPNOS.

It was composed by the following artists :

Bruno di Natale (Singer)

Olivier Georget (Bass guitar)

Jean-Philippe Lagier (Drums and background vocals)

Vincent Boulogne (Rythm guitar and backgroud vocals)

Eric Leroy (Rythm and solo guitar)

It was recorded at “Studio du val d’Orge”. The sound engineer is Jean Taxis




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